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November 30, 2009
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Stamp Butt-kissing by KainTheVampireLord Stamp Butt-kissing by KainTheVampireLord
to dA friends: don't take the meaning of this on yourselves

My opinion on butt-kissing comments that feels like "oh, let's make the day of this idiot, and write something praise on their crap, let them believe they're good artists while their drawings are not better than schoolgirl's scribblings on the back of their notes"

(old issue, but still bothering me, and I guess others had their bad experiences about butt-kissings too )
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LoKIMOOn1000 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2009
Heh,i've never had any experience with ass-kissers.Eveyone always lets me know when my art or dancing is total shit.:XD: I however,have done my fair share of ass-kissing.Not with art,but with dance.Long ago,i kissed up to my stupid bitch classmates,because i was desperate for friends.What did it get me?Insults about my weight,ethnic background and other ridicule.So during my last year at my old ballet school,i told them all off.Of course i still got insulted all the time,but i could just blow them off after that.
Sometimes i feel like i'm ass-kissing on DA here because i feel like a jerk when i give constructive criticism if someone worked really hard on their piece(not all the time,but i hate feeling like an ass-hole).Of course,some think they are giving " constructive criticism" when in reality,they are just bitching about how your art isn't SUPER realistic looking or super digital photoshop shiny and shit(hey,i know quite well my skills with the human anatomy are wonky,i won't lie,but everyone has a different style).
KainTheVampireLord Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009   Traditional Artist
I couldn't make friends during the secondary school years either, and couldn't kiss the asses of my classmates to get myself accepted. Awful years.
Good thing you can shake off their insults and kick their asses. Picking someone for their appearance or ethnics is immature and retarded.
Leaving constuctive criticism or expressing how you love an artwork is fine when you feel like that about it, but what I find awful is when someone praises up your work while actually thinking it a piece of crap. It's even worse when you get it from someone you're considering a friend.
I also recieved some ridiculous overpraises by people I don't know, like someone said "you draw better even than Leonardo" I don't know if it was sarcasm or just a stupid comment, but I didn't knew it's sender, so didn't cared with it.

That's exactly what I hate, when only those high-detailed shiny overcoloured photoshop stuff counts as great art, and some people does not give a shit about traditional art or other techniques just because the photoshopped ones with their shiny stuff are more likely catching the eyes of the viewers, making them faint of it, even if it rather needs knowing the program than having artistic skills. There are a lot of photoshopped paints that are thoughtless, or wrong in anatomy and composition, but still can easily kick aside any other works made with other techniques.
In my opinion, ideas and creativity counts more than the shiny extras.
Your works are great with the ideas and harsh killing humour in them, and the faces you draw for the characters can express everything either, and you have a good sense for decorativity in your serious works, and it's retarded to call them shit because they don't look like the World of Warcraft cover arts and such. (I don't like WoW art anyways, it's too overcrowded and overcoloured for my taste)
prasetu Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2009
Oh! How do you tell if this is the case?
KainTheVampireLord Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2009   Traditional Artist
I surely won't tell people lies about their art, or something different than what I really think. When an artwork is just okay, I won't call it the most breathtaking and stunning awesome piece of art I've ever seen blah-blah and such. The worst is when someone who's opinion means a lot to you turns out to be the biggest faker.
YourWaywardDestiny Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I know what you mean here. I always wonder when people comment on my art whether or not they mean it, in some cases, on my old DA account, I knew they were telling me it was good when I knew it sucked, but then I had another problem relating to the same topic. I knew I wasn't so good, I would admit that, but I would have people come onto my page and tell me things like I was a disgrace to the name of art and stuff, that wasn't productive either. So I guess what I'm saying here is that people need to be truthful, but not out right mean. Constructive critisism isn't telling they're the worst, it's telling them how they went wrong...
KainTheVampireLord Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2009   Traditional Artist
That's quite awful when you're recieving buttkissing comments on works you're not pleased with at all, it surely sounds hell fake.
Flaming is nasty either, dA is not made up for professional art only, so as everything is allowed to be posted, it's childish to flame the others for the quality of their works (especially when the flamers are not the best artists around to criticise anyone)
Constructive criticism is okay, unlike the fake overpraises or the flames, it's pointing out how to improve with your art.
supercat001 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ugh I always worry that this sort of thing is refering to myself as I know I can try too darn hard to be nice to people sometimes, but i'd never say I loved a picture if I didn't really like it. I guess this stamp links back to the reason why you created the ';pwnd' picture though.
KainTheVampireLord Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2009   Traditional Artist
Nooo, not aiming you. :)
I tried to make a description not to make everyone feel awful, but loks like it was not convincing.
I know you don't comment or fav things you don't like, it's okay because it's honest. :)
You're right, it's still the same reason why I made the PWND picture.

I'm trying to leave constructive and supporting comments on others works too, but can't overpraise anyone's work if I don't feel it that good at all.
supercat001 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad I haven't said anything annoying then, and that we can all continue saying we love your artwork. :D

It's difficult when someone wants you to comment on their work when you don't think it's that good, but constructive comments are useful because then people know what they can improve.
KainTheVampireLord Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2009   Traditional Artist
You're the only one so far who noticed this stamp is still the same issue as PWN, and it's aiming one certain person, I have no bad feelings about the comments of all other dA friends.
Of course I love to see when my artworks are loved (who wouldn't :D ) it's only fakeness I can't stand, flooding your works into praises, while you see it labelled crap by the same person on another page. Constructive criticism is fine, it focusing on the goodness on the artwork, and gives some hints about how to improve. The worst thing is to overpraise a work when it is not that good at all, it's just telling lies to the other.
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